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Welcome to WELLcomeHome, a home-modification resource center to keep you where you want to be... at home. The information in this site can help you determine how your house or the house of someone you know can be improved to allow you to stay at home. Welcome.

Friendly House Friendly House
Find information here about friendly features of a house to consider. View over 100 pictures and diagrams for ideas and practical guides.
Case Studies Case Studies
See how others have modified homes for their situations
Home Tour Home Tour
View over 70 pictures taken from different areas of three houses with typical problems and a potential solution
Home Assessment Home Assessment
This assessment will help you determine where you can make changes in your home to provide safety and comfort
Suggestions Suggestions
These pages contain suggestions on how you can improve your home in any situation
Friendly Kitchen Friendly Kitchen
Find information here about kitchen design and friendly features to consider. View over 100 pictures of an accessible kitchen
Links and Resources Links and Resources
This section will help you find additional information elsewhere on the internet and in your library about modifying your home for safety and comfort. Select the catefory of your choice
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