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Product Contact by Phone

ABLEDATA - The premier source of information on assistive technology. - 1-800-227-0216 (Voice); 301-608-8912 (TTY).

AbleNet, Inc. - Communication aids - 800-322-0956.

ABLEPHONE - Manufacturer of adaptive telephones. - 619-667-0048.

Abilitations - Mobility products - 800-850-8603.

Adrian's Closet - Clothes - 800-831-2577.

Access One, Inc. - Your resource for barrier free products! - 1-800-561-2223 (US).

Access to Recreation - Offers equipment that aids in recreational activities.- 1-800-634-4351.

Access with Ease - Living aids for persons with arthritis, stroke, and other disabilities. - 800-531-9479.

Accessible Designs Adjustable Systems Inc. - Adjustable furniture for all abilities. - 1-800-208-2020.

Accessible Products Inc. - 800-428-9234.

Adaptive Access Company - This company provides a comprehensive range of accessible solutions to homes and businesses and offers accessible home remodeling and modifications in Houston Texas and the surrounding areas. - 281-856-9332.

Adaptive Technologies and Research, Inc. - Assisted-living products for individuals with disabilities. - 810 667 9524.

Assistive Devices, Inc. - Assistive devices are gadgets that make life easier. They can be anything from items that help pick up food with less difficulty, button a sweater, or maintain stability in the shower. 1-800-856-0889.

Aqua Bath Company, Inc. - Bath - 800-232-2284.

Assistive Technology, Inc. - 800-793-9227.

Can-We-Talk - Voice recognition programs, products for people with physical disabilities and visual disabilities, and productivity tools. - 1-860-663-0580.

Cane Candle - Seven models of portable light for adults and children whom may have a walking disability. - 800-287-6573.

Closet Carousel - An innovative product that allows physically challenged individuals to reach for their belongings. - 800-200-9272.

ComfortHouse - Arthritis and independent living aids. - 1-800-359-7701.

Comfortex Inc. - Mattress and cushions - 800-445-4007.

Dynamic Living, Inc. - Offers kitchen appliances, unique daily living products and home automation products that promote a convenient, comfortable and safe home environment for people of all ages - 888-940-0605.

Fiberglass Systems Inc. - Bath units for people with all abilities. - 800-727-9907.

Flaghouse - 800-793-7900.

Flip Lacer - The belt buckle for shoelaces allows for easy tying! - (510) 797 6596

Freedom Living Devices - Provides products that enable people with limited or diminished strength and dexterity the ability to perform normal daily activities and routines independently, and to provide quality products for physical therapy and rehabilitation. - 1 (866) 699-9300.

Help Mates - Offers a variety of assisted living products.- 1-888-771-0977.

Hy-Gina Care - Portable personal showering for the disabled. - 1-877-859-4397.

Independent Living Products - Resource for assistive devices that can help people maintain their independence. - 1-800-377-8033.

Life Span Furnishings, LLC - Furnishings for people of all ages and abilities.- 800 741-9912.

North Coast Medical - Supplier of products that help people perform daily activities at home and in the workplace. - 1-800-235-7054.

Oxo Good Grips - Provides innovative consumer products that make everyday living easier. - (212) 242-3333.

Pride Mobility Products - Designer and manufacturer of power wheelchairs, electric scooters and lift chairs. - 1-800-800-8586.

Rist-Well - The hands-free beverage dispenser has uses in the sports, medical and professional arenas. 1-877-374-6595.

Sammons Preston - Provides assisted living and developmental products for individuals. - 1-800-323-5547.

Standers - Products include bed and couch canes, car and bed caddies. - 800-506-9901.

Step-Flow - Manufactures foot-operated sink valve that turns water on with the touch of your foot, it can be locked for continuous flow or remain at on/off usage. - (888) 783-7356.

SureHands - Products that assist in independent living. - (800) 724-5305.

WingIts - Products allows installation in walls without blocking. - 877-894-6448.

Van-Duerr Industries Manufacturer and distributor of products designed to assist those with access barriers. - 30) 893-1596.

Vanguard - ADA Systems of America offers detectable warnings such as guide strips. - 800-290-5700.