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After assisted living: Is this the next step?
Pierce, Roger-A. Nursing Homes. Mar 2001. v50n3: 26-27 [2 pages].
According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), a primary emphasis of 21st-century social policymaking will be to ensure that the elderly can access the resources of the community at large, no matter where they live (CCRC, assisted living, independent living or private home). Thus, the idea of linking community-based services with environments where the aging live, whether in rented apartments, assisted living units or their own homes, is gaining attention.

A Design for Senior Living.
Hickey, Mary C. Business Week (Industrial/Technology-Edition). Jul 19, 1999. n3638: 136.
Universal design homes are on the cutting edge of an architectural design concept an aging population may well embrace. A universal design home has wide doors, pull-out cabinet shelves, easy-to-reach electrical switches, and dozens of other features useful for the elderly or disabled.

Developers use civil rights laws to fight zoning.
Rankin, Bill. National Law Journal. Mar 1, 1999. v21n27: A1, A15.
Homes for the elderly are at issue in lawsuits that rely on the American With Disabilities Act and the Fair Housing Act. Building assisted-living housing is discussed

Equipped for living. The guide to equipment designed for elderly people and people with disabilities.
Evans, J Grimley. Age and Aging. Sep 1997. v26n5: 411.
Evans reviews "Equipped for living. The guide to equipment designed for elderly people and people with disabilities" by the Disabled Living Foundation.

Home design for the golden years.
Brown, Denise M. Saturday Evening Post. May/Jun 2000. v272n3: 18,22+ [3 pages].
The elderly often have difficulty reaching cabinets and negotiating hallways. A look at houses that are designed to adjust as the owner ages is presented.

The prevalence of diagnoses, impairments, disabilities and handicaps in a population of elderly people living in a defined geographical area: The Gospel Oak project.
Harwood Rowan, PrinceMartin, Mann Anthony, Ebrahim, Shah. Age and Aging. Nov 1998. v27n6: 707-714.
To measure the prevalence of impairments, disabilities and handicaps in a geographically-defined elderly population. An elderly population's health problems were classified using a comprehensive framework, revealing high prevalences of diagnoses, impairments, disabilities and handicaps.

Research and Consulting Articles

Ahmadi, Reza. Ball State University. 1999.
These five articles offer a variety of information including universal design and independent living in the elderly and disabled communities.